Alma Negra Misterio Tinto

Alma Negra Misterios Malbec Blend

Rivadavia, Mendoza

Alma Negra is the mystery blend made by Ernesto Catena. Ernesto’s father Nicholas is the man responsible for modernizing the Argentine wine industry. Ernesto is one of the rising stars in Argentina. In Argentina, the art of blending is held in very high esteem and is seen as the wine-makers contribution to the wine-making process. This wine payds homage to the art of the blend.

In the same way many artists do not divulge their techniques, Ernesto does not reveal the grapes used in this wine. The name Alma Negra (Black Soul in Spanish) is a reference to the creativity in wine-making. This is a big wine, very dense and concentrated wine, ripe fruit and plenty of oak. We guess it is a Malbec predominant blend and it is one of our favourites.

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Alma Negra Misterio Tinto