Pittacum Aurea Mencia

Pittacum Aurea Mencia

Bierzo, Spain

A single varietal from Mencía produced with grapes from Finca Areixola. The estate has vines that are over 100 years old, and only allows manual intervention on the grapes. The grapes have never been touched by heavy machinery.

Pittacum Aurea is a fantastic wine that is in sync with the terroir and weather conditions of its vineyard. It is a perfect demonstration of the winery's commitment to the environment.

A very richly coloured wine. Picota red with a maroon rim. A very elegant nose, essence of Mencía. Red fruit, redcurrant, mountain herbs, minerals, earth and rock. Balanced and fresh with a long finish. Good acidity. Redcurrant, ripe dark fruit and spices.

Tags: Beirzo, Mencia, Spain

Vendor: Pittacum

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Pittacum Aurea Mencia